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In loving memory of my brother, Michael 'Mustang Mike' Toussaint 3/12/83 - 7/18/15 

Our story

Growing up, I have always had a strong interest in classic, exotic, and custom vehicles. When I was granted a full ride to LSU in mechanical engineering, my parents bought my first car, a 2008 v6 Mustang. I knew I had to get it customized to have a vehicle that was unique and says “me.” I worked a part time job and saved up enough money to buy a body kit, in which a local shop installed and painted. I am also big on detail and the paint was orange peeled badly and had dust nibs everywhere. Within two weeks, it had begun to peel off of the urethane bumper. I took it back to the company and they refused to repaint it for free. Sounds familiar?

I didn’t have the money to get it fixed so I started reading books, watching YouTube videos, and asking several shops lots of questions on how to fix my paint problems. I built up enough courage and bought a set of “throw away” guns and painted my own bumper. By the third try, I had a finish that met my perfection. My family and friends were amazed at how good it came out and considered this a “natural talent.” Next I wanted speakers!

My brother, Michael Toussaint Jr. (Mustang Mike), having graduated in computer science, taught me about wire gauges, capacitors, amps, etc. and showed me how to wire my first set of speakers. Using my engineering background, I used computer aided design software to draft my first custom speaker box and built a fiberglass box with precision. Many of my friends saw my car and asked if I could do small jobs for them. I never had the money up front but thankfully my brother realized the potential we had and invested in nearly every project, expecting no return. A business was then born.

Forty-three jobs later, Toussaint Customs quickly out grew our home shed and needed a bigger building, which led us to our current location. Officially incorparted on January 17, 2014, Toussaint Customs is now in expansion mode and as new jobs arise, new services will become available.

Meet The Owners

Marcus Toussaint, Toussaint Customs. Owner of Toussaint Customs
Marcus Toussaint
  • B.S degree in Mechanical Engineering, LSU


  • Minor in Business

Michael Toussaint, Toussaint Customs. Owner of Toussaint Customs
Michael Toussaint
  • B.S degree in Computer Science, Southern Univ.


  • M.S degree in Business, Univ. of Pheonix


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